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We’ve collaborated with AZ Wilderness to offer one month of free compost collection. Please note, this promotion may only be applied to new subscribers.

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How it Works:

Compost bin

Sign-up for service

Once registered, we’ll deliver a composting collection bucket and odor preventer to your door.

Collect food scraps

Use your bucket to collect food during the week. See what all you can compost here.

Compost pick-up

Bucket exchange

We’ll swing by to pick up your food waste and give you a fresh bucket and new bag of odor preventer.


Get your compost soil

We give you the soil made from your food scraps back, donate it to local communities, or use it at our farms. Your call.

AZ Wilderness Brewing Co. has been our compost companion for over 4 years! Naturalism and conservation are central tenets of this brewery. Learn more about AZ Wilderness and their efforts to support sustainable practices.




Thank you for supporting local!