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Farmland for the Future

R.City is a full-circle service in the Phoenix Valley that makes it easy to turn your food waste back into farmland. R.City is returning nutrients to the soil and using it to grow fresh, local, chemical-free produce. In this manner, we are building farmland, reducing landfill waste, reducing transportation and spoilage, and strengthening the local food economy.

Why Compost?

  • Approximately 40% of food grown is not eaten
  • Approximately 95% of food waste goes to the landfill/incinerator
  • 50% of the Earth’s top-soil has been eroded. In the United States, over an acre of farmland is lost to development every minute

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Sign up for a free two week trial. We provide an air-tight bin with a small bag of odor preventer and exchange it every week on a scheduled day. Turn your food waste into farmland!

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We pick up the bins and exchange them on a frequency that matches your locations’ needs. Contact us to receive a free customized compost collection service plan.

Based on 33 reviews
Jessica Duppler
Jessica Duppler
July 9, 2021.
Fantastic service. The people who run this business are friendly, responsive, and do a great job. Even the guy who drops off the buckets is super nice. It is great to have the ability to compost in Phoenix, since the heat and gravel yards (which is what I have) make it difficult to do. They could not make it easier for you - they drop off a bucket, you fill it, you put it outside for them to take. Rinse and repeat. They even give you some sawdust-like stuff to put in your bucket to help if there is any smell (however I never had a problem with odor, even when it was 80 degrees in my house). Incredibly affordable. You won't believe how much of what you use can go into compost instead of the landfill. Highly recommend.
Michaela Jones
Michaela Jones
July 2, 2021.
I highly recommend this awesome company! Living in a place like Phoenix that is a total affront to God and nature, it feels really good to participate in urban agriculture and Recycled City makes that super easy and affordable. My compost bucket is totally unobtrusive and odorless (even inside a 500 sq. ft. apartment) and the prices for shares of produce grown with that same compost are super reasonable. They come by and pick up the bucket without a sound on Sunday mornings.
Dereck Schell
Dereck Schell
June 30, 2021.
Recycled City makes composting so so easy. The entire process and value is worth a try!! My garbage is taken out so much less and doesn't smell bad at all with no more food being thrown out. Thanks for what you do!! The farm boxes are great too!
Valerie N. Holt
Valerie N. Holt
June 24, 2021.
When we moved to the Phoenix metro area from DC, we were worried that we wouldn't be able to continue composting our food waste as we had been. Fortunately, I found R.City to meet this very need! We have loved using their service for the past year. We opted for the once a month pick-up and that worked well for just me and my husband. Their text service made it easy to change pick-up dates if we were out of town the week of our usual pick-up day. Overall, we absolutely loved this service and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce their household waste!!
Wendy Brunner
Wendy Brunner
June 16, 2021.
Great service. I was gifted it and didn't know what to expect. I got a metal bin from Amazon and it's fantastic to not throw away all that organic stuff into the plastic wasteland. Thanks Recycled City!
Michael Sutcliffe
Michael Sutcliffe
May 27, 2021.
Compost recycling is so easy with R. City! You can change your service level at any time on line, so if you're new and you're not sure how many buckets you'll need or how often, you can change it on the fly. Their customer service is via email and is responsive, personable, and professional. I love how good they are at helping me do good!
Amanda Griffis
Amanda Griffis
May 19, 2021.
I absolutely love Recycled City! ♻️ When you want to help make a difference but don't have a lot of time they swoop in and save the day! They make composting so easy, they're so friendly and helpful, (I am a mess of questions and they're always happy to help me) and with the farm box delivery of fresh organic local produce my family is eating healthy and we're helping the community! You just can't go wrong with Recycled City! I would encourage everyone to try them. Thanks R City!
k suneetha
k suneetha
October 20, 2020.
Using their service from past one year and they always picked food wastes on time. I can't compost on my own hence I tried tried their service and was never disappointed. Their customer service is also awesome, always received answers quickly from them. Highly recommend to others.
Callie Sommers
Callie Sommers
October 11, 2020.
This is such an amazing company! They have great customer service. The compost that we receive from them is awesome and I love that they are helping reduce landfill impact by composting fruits and veggies and food scraps!

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