Composting made easy

While composting has been a natural part of the earth and a sustainable process for centuries, urban farming is relatively new. We want to help you understand exactly what we’re getting into and how you can help by answering some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to a question you have, please feel free to contact us.

Odor preventer is a mixture of shredded wood. It starts the decomposition process, immediately, so that your food scraps are turned into soil quicker and greatly reduces the smell of the food scraps in the compost bin.

The large paper bag acts as a liner and helps us dump your organics onto our compost piles more easily. Place your compostables into the bag, but don’t worry if food waste begins to touch the bin as it fills up.

Composting is a sustainable action, that we make simple for everyone with our supplies and valet service. It creates a cycle instead of a linear path to the landfills, and contributes to your local food economy when the soil is used to create fresh, chemical and pesticide-free produce. Learn more about the benefits of composting by reading our benefits page.

Please refer to our list of compostables for suggestions on what to compost, and things that can also be recycled!

Yes! With the use of odor preventer and our hot composting technique, even meat, bones, and dairy can be thrown into your compost bin. Give it an extra handful of odor preventer!

No, because of the anaerobic (or air-tight) method provided with our sealed bins.  This method virtually eliminates the smell of your bin, and if you ever notice a strong scent all you have to do is cover the materials with the odor preventer when adding compostables to the bin!

We have options for weekly, every other week, and once per month. Please visit our subscriptions page. You can also skip a scheduled pick-up by notifying us 24 hours before the scheduled bin exchange.

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