Special Offers

Soft Plastics Recycling Phoenix

Soft Plastics Recycling Phoenix (Available throughout the City of Phoenix only) (Once per month pick-up)

  • Grocery bags
  • Plastic bags (produce bags) and films
  • Bubble wraps
  • Shipping envelopes
  • Air pillows

Collection occurs on the last designated service day for compost collection of every month. Don’t know your service day? Click the link below and search your delivery address.


Local Produce

For 4-weeks, you will receive a variety of seasonal produce from our farm and other small local farms. Please let us know if there are items you would prefer or do not like by emailing [email protected]


Winter Squash

Summer Squash






Can I try just one Farm Box?

Yes, we offer one-time farm-boxes ON DEMAND. Click below


Q1- Can you tell me more about what will be in my Farmer’s Choice Harvest Box?

Your 4 -week farm box items will include a different variety of produce combos – hand picked by our farmer Danny in the field. Each week brings a new surpRise! November seasonal items include different varieties of Zucchini, Winter Squash, Cucumbers, melons, kale, and microgreens, and others!

Each box has approximately 7-9 different varieties of seasonal items that are being grown and picked every day by Farmer Danny. Each item is about $3-$6 worth of produce, depending on what has been harvested that day. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

Q2: Can I substitute items or make special requests?

The simple answer is YES, but we do currently have some limitations and our farm boxes are not currently fully customizable. If there is a particular items your are ECSTATIC about this season, you can request that we substitute that for another item. Additionally, you can tell us which item(s) you don’t want and we will replace it with another seasonal item (if a substitute is not specified). To special requests, please email [email protected] .

Q3: Can I buy an R.City FarmBox for a friend?

Yes! It’s giving season and the perfect time to share your support and enthusiasm for the local food system. To buy your friend produce from our farm, simply put a different shipping address than billing address in the check-out and send your friend THIS LINK so they know when to expect their produce to be delivered.

Q4: Can I get a Farmbox  delivered consistently?

R.City is proud to offer flexible subscription plans for ALL lifestyles. Currently, we offer farm-boxes with $10 worth of produce and also have a larger $30 option. You can get these delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We understand that you might go out of town, so let our team know if you need to skip a farm-box and we will accommodate on case-by-case basis.